Thursday, March 29, 2007

A quiet lull

We've entered a quiet spot after all of the "excitement" from the kids' birthday parties. There hasn't been much to report in the past week but let's see what kind of boring info I can pull out of my life to fill up an entry here.

Megan continues to complain about the extension program that she goes to twice a week, before and after school. There's really no particular reason for her becoming so upset...just Megan being Megan. Originally she said that it was because she missed me. Now she's turned it into, "the other Mommy's pick up the kids early, but you never do." (Thanks for the guilt trip kiddo.) It has gotten so bad that she went to bed Tuesday night at 8pm and when I went up at 9pm, I found her laying in bed sobbing about going to extension on FRIDAY!! There really doesn't seem to be a way that I can get it into her head that this is nothing in the grand scheme of things. She goes 2x's a week and it's only until the end of May, or whenever this kid pops out of me. I guess to a 5 year old, two months can seem like an eternity.

Matt is still being Matt - a happy little kid with the occassional bad mood or attempt at a temper tantrum thrown into the mix. His most recent funny comment was when we were discussing the baby in Mommy's tummy and he proceeded to tell me that the baby was going to "jump out" of my tummy. Lordy child - if only it were that easy. Of course Bill laughs and says that for me, it is that easy. He claims that they just slide right out. Nice try Bill - weren't you there for the first two? Has the past 3 years erased the memory of me stating to the mid-wife, "just get it out of me" in my best exorcist voice?

And with 10 more weeks to go, I've now gained a total of 19lbs. Depending upon how the next few weeks go, I may simply bump that figure up an additional 10lbs to make up for the weight that I never really lost from Matt. I'm entitled to do so if I choose, right?

Those 19lbs are quite deceiving though. I swear my stomach is as big as it was towards the end of both pregnancies when I gained 40lbs and 42lbs respectively. My belly button has flattened out and the upper portion juts out just enough to look like I have some sort of crazy overbite action going on down there. It really is a nice look to have that odd looking bump under your shirt. On a slightly more personal note, due to my girth, I can no longer see beneath my belly to take care of my necessary "grooming" needs. It's all hit or miss from here on out!

And one other question for anyone who cares to comment...with Easter only a little over a week away, I've not done any shopping for it yet. Bill noted the other evening that we have candy left over from both Halloween and Valentines Day and that we should eat it before we have Easter candy to pile on top of that. My thought was that we should simply unwrap the items such as the sweet tarts, etc. in order to remove the outdated holiday wrappings and simply place the candy into the kids' baskets. Hey it'll save us the money (not to mention additional left overs) and the kids are still young enough to not know that you should be getting bunny shaped sweet tarts for Easter and not hearts, right!? Am I wrong?

See how innocent and naive they look? Ok - this was from Easter of 2006, but still...


Kimono Karen said...

Heck yeah! Rewrap the candy! Isn't that what those cheesy plastic eggs are for???

Lisa said...

...oooo...I forgot about the plastic eggs! That's perfect!