Monday, March 12, 2007

The birthdays that last all month long...

Thanks to having birthdays that are practically on top of one another (3/7 and 3/19), along with family that is scattered all over, Megan and Matt generally get to celebrate their birthdays for the entire month of March.

This year the celebration started when Aunt Chris came up from TN to visit and brought gifts for both of them on 3/3. Then Matt celebrated at the babysitters on 3/6 with gifts and cupcakes followed by his actual birthday celebration at home the next day, 3/7. Then Sunday, 3/11 rolled around and we planned an afternoon with family at the St. Patty's Day Parade, followed by dinner and more birthday celebrating at Aunt Alicia's.

The kid's rode with Grandma to Aunt Alicia's house with Bill and I following behind later as we were hunting down Bryan at the other end of the parade (who was with the new woman in his life, by the way). No sooner did we walk through the door when a flash of color went zipping past my legs and dove directly into the presents that were stacked by the front door. That flash, was Matt, who had waited patiently for us to arrive, but would wait no longer. He made out like a bandit, coming away with a ton of loot from Aunt Alicia and Uncle Bill, cousin Jackie, Grandma and Nanie. And the partying won't stop here. We've got Megan's birthday party at Build-A-Bear and The Rainforest Cafe on Sunday, 3/18, her celebration at home with Mom and Dad on Monday, 3/19 and of course Grammie and Pap-Pap have to fit into the equation somewhere after their return from FL. This year's celebration might just run into the month of April yet! (Well now I'm feeling a bit guilty. What will the baby think when it gets one measly day to celebrate every year. Poor kid!)

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