Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What could'a been an eventful weekend turned into...yawn...

The kids were gone Friday AND Saturday night. Let me repeat the AND portion of that sentence. Bill and I took advantage of the quiet evening on Friday and headed out to dinner together. There was a lot of baby talk of course and I don't mean the sickening sweet baby talk of new lovers. We talked about the kids, about the 3rd/4th on the way, about how I'm apprehensive once again and how it could happen "any time now". That seems to be my standard response when asked when I'm due..."any time now"...

After dinner we headed home and my comfy bed along with my need for sleep called for me. Bill, on the other hand, heard the Red Sox calling his name that evening. And with the rain delay that he patiently waited out, he fell asleep on the couch, coming up to bed around 3:30AM. (And might I add what a blissful sleep I had during those 5 hours of non-snoring, no bed sharing required hours.

Shortly after he came up stairs, I became a bit "crampy" and I remember falling back to sleep thinking about how I haven't experienced that feeling in 9 months now. A little after 4AM I awoke to my first contraction. No, nothing painful, just a nice tightening of the stomach, but along with that same crampy feeling from earlier that had not yet disappeared. I drifted in/out of sleep while the contractions came about 15 minute intervals. Never increasing in intensity but certainly enough to make me feel excited about what was surely somewhere on the horizon.

Sometime after 6AM, I noticed that Bill had woken up and I explained to him what I had been going through for the past 2 hours. As we were both still more interested in sleeping, we let it go at that and drifted back to sleep.

The alarm went off at 8AM and although the crampiness had not subsided, I had not had any further contractions since around that 6:30AM time period. So we debated whether or not Bill should go to Bryan's baseball games that day and concluded with the stand-by of "don't leave the cell phone behind for anything." I assured him I would call at the first sign of any commotion but that if things remained the same, I was heading out to my hair appointment at 10:30AM anyhow...so why sit around the house and wait for what may or may not come.

As it turns out...what may never came. I napped for at least 3 hours in the afternoon and the day passed by with only minor discomfort on my part as those cramps never went away until the evening hours.

By the time I crawled into bed that evening, I felt as good as new. And have continued to feel that way ever since. The only irritation being the heat which Bill alleviated by turning on the A/C in the TV room for me.

So no further signs of a baby and at this rate, this will be the kid that 18 years from now refuses to leave home...just like it's refusing to leave my womb!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm still here

Need I say more? Ok - I will, because I feel the need to elaborate.

I feel great - pregnancy wise. As for the cold that has come upon me and has instilled it's death grip on my head this past week? Well it's simply kicking my fat ass right now! I crawled into bed at 8:30pm last night and would have been much happier had it been 6:30pm instead. And for those of you who know me (night owl) know that I must be feeling pretty darn crappy to have gone to bed that early.

I got up at 10:30pm (yes - I had to pee already) and was feeling all exhausted, crampy and just nasty overall and I remember thinking that if I was going into labor that God must really hate me. There was no way that I would have had enough energy at that point to push a baby out of my cooch feeling the way that I did then.

Today is a little better. And now the kids are off with Aunt Alicia for 2 WHOLE NIGHTS!!! So I figure I've got a few options. I can:
  • Catch up on my sleep
  • Get romantic with my husband and hopefully kick start labor
  • Catch up on my sleep
  • Put the crib together
  • Catch up on my sleep
  • Clean the house (maybe strenuous vacuuming will bring on labor!!)
  • Catch up on my sleep

Oh well - no matter what I choose to do, this kid is coming out whenever it's ready and there's really not much I can do about it. But as another expectant mother said to her unborn child the other day, "This due date thing...it's just a suggestion really. You can come out at any time. Really. Any time. NOW!"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby #3 update...

As of 1pm - Wednesday, May 23rd - 1 centimeter dilated and 70% efaced...

WOO-HOO! Got some movement going on down there. Granted, it could be another week before the kid makes it's grand debut, but I'm holding out hope for some time during the long Memorial Day weekend.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was by far the best one ever! The kids are at the perfect age where we no longer need to prompt them to say or do things and in my eyes, that's the best. Megan convinced her Aunt Alicia to buy a gift for me the week before at the dollar store and she had been patiently waiting all week long to give it to me. She also reminded me on a daily basis leading up to it that I was "not allowed to look inside". I didn't have the heart to tell her that Matt told me what it was the day that they brought it home. (So much for keeping secrets when he's involved!)

Sunday rolled around beautiful and sunny. Megan and Matt woke up, came into our room and the first thing that they said was "Happy Mother's Day". Then they both dragged Daddy out of bed so they could get my presents. After opening up their gift of a teddy bear tucked into a rose coffee mug, a handmade gift that Megan had made at school, and a beautiful eternity diamond necklace from Daddy (combo Mother's Day/anniversary gift), the kids went off to play in Megan's room while we lounged in bed. A little later, Bill got up with the kids and fed them breakfast while I took my time showering, shaving and general grooming in peace!!! No interruptions!!

The afternoon was spent at Nanie's and with the Cole side of the family where Matt practiced skate boarding with his cousin...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Father/Daughter Dance

Where do I begin? I've definitely fallen behind this past week and at this point I need to catch up on a couple of events. The first one is the Father/Daughter dance which took place on 5/11 (told you I'm behind) and was pretty much the event of the school year for Megan. She had been looking forward to it for some time and knew exactly where it fell on the calendar she marks off.

A few days prior, we decided to try on some dresses that she had in her closet. Of course the one that she loved the most was the one that both Bill and I liked the least. So the very next day we headed out to Marshalls to find a bargain dress. And what a bargain it turned out to be! $12.99 later we headed home with the pink dress that she fell in love with.

The next day...Bill calls to tell me that it is torn, which probably explains why the bow was tied around the front of the dress and not the back (I'm brilliant about noticing those smaller details - ha). So off I go to another Marshalls close to work. And what do I find? The same dress for $11.00!!! (Do you think we'll be able to get away with paying $11.00 for a prom dress in another 10 years?)

So it turned out to be a successful 'mini-prom' night and Megan was ecstatic to have a date with her Daddy. Here are the pics from that evening...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It looks like Grandpa's lips...

Funny and unusual things that the kids say or have said in the past:

Gubble-gum (Matt, referring to bubblegum)

Nuse - pronounced n'yuse (Megan and Matt both said this instead of 'use'. Still trying to break Matt of the habit.)

"I love my Pap-Pap. I pull his pants down." (Matt, after spending a week with Pap-Pap and Grammie here in CT during which time he de-pantsed my Dad whose was wearing his PJ's at the time.)

"Grandpa lives in Kevin with Jesus." (Matt, referring to heaven, not Uncle Kevin)

"Hi Uncle Fat Kid. You swimming like Free Willy?" (Matt's opening line when calling to wish Uncle Kevin a happy birthday who was vacationing in FL.)

"The baby will come out of your mouth." (Megan, after catching an accidental glimpse of a c-section on TV and thinking that the incision she saw was someone's mouth.)

"It looks like Grandpa's lips when he was in that bed." (Megan, after looking at my belly button which appears to have a protruding "upper lip". She was referring to Grandpa's lips when she saw him in the casket. And yes, the kids all said it looked like he was getting ready to spit.)

Caterputter and hepicopter (A very young Bryan, referring to caterpillars and helicopters - according to Daddy)

Friday, May 04, 2007


Let's start with the oldest...Megan...where do I begin with this one. The melodrama + Mommy's raging hormones = a very bad combination. The crying just never ends and I'm right on the verge of joining her for lack of a better solution at this point. I mean, seriously. Just this morning she asked me if the Father/Daughter dance was this evening, to which I responded that no, it was next Friday. And she proceeded to burst into tears. Give me a break already kid! I've never been into the whole "medicating kids" thing, but if her hormones are this bad at the age of 5 - one of us is going to need to be medicated SOON!!!

Then there's Matt. Matt is testing his limits in the talking back department. Just the other night, after a few hours of putting up with his sass, I warned him that any more of it would warrant a slap on the mouth. Ok, so that was like the equivalent of talking to a brick wall...and yes, I popped him on the mouth and the darn kid wasn't phased. Probably because I didn't do it hard at all. Just enough to get his attention. But it must have worked because the talking back stopped. (Well, it was either the pop on the mouth that fixed it or the fact that he was in bed 15 minutes after that.)

He's also getting beat up by a 2 year old at daycare. A girl, I might add. HA! My babysitter tells me that Catherine is feeling her oats too and has been scratching and pinching Matt. She believes it's because they are the same size so of course he's the most logical target for her. Oh well - he'll survive. But in turn, he's also biting and punching 2 of the older kids. I have to be honest and say that I don't really care about this because, well, they are both 5 years old and if they are letting a 3 year old get the best of them, then they deserve it. But also because these are two of the kids that used to beat up on him all the time about a year ago. Back when he didn't know any better to fight back or walk away. Back when Megan told me that these two kids had ganged up on him, beating him with pillows one day. And when I asked what Matthew did in return, she said nothing. That he just laid on the floor while they hit him. And now I want to cry again...because really - he was just a baby for goodness sake!! And yes, I know he's 3 years old now, but c'mon - the kid is still wearing size 18-24 months!!!

And let's not forget baby #3... With a little over 4 weeks to go, they are pretty sure that the baby is in a head down position (thank God!) and I'm up to 27lbs in total weight gain. Yeah for me!!! But you would never know it by looking at me. This stomach sticks out farther than it did the first two times around...clothes are getting tight...and I'm struggling to avoid the waddle. Yep, don't want to succumb to the pregnant duck waddle!!! So 4 of those pounds were added on in just the past two weeks alone but I've been eating healthy. Lots of fruit (pineapples and strawberries this time around) and plenty of ice. Gotta chew on ice...

*Back off Bill - I may have eaten a quart of strawberries in one sitting - on two separate occassions - but they are STRAWBERRIES!! How much damage could they have done?

**Ok, so the first round had sugar added to them. So what!

***And well, last night's round, I ate with the left-over cool-whip.

****And by left-over, I mean left-over from the strawberry shortcake that I had been eating earlier in the week with another quart of strawberries.

*****It's worth mentioning that the shortcake was prepared with Angel Food cake - and we all know that that's low in fat. Right?