Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WTF!?! Otherwise known as "the hits just keep on comin'!"

Around 9pm last night, Bill and I were just getting ready to sit down and kick back for the evening when we heard an unmistakable cracking noise followed by a huge crash/splash. We both went running out the back door to find an enormous tree toppled over and laying across the entire width of our backyard.

I knew without a doubt that it had hit the pool due to the splash that I had heard from inside the house. So we threw on the flood light and climbed up onto the deck to begin pulling large tree limbs out of the water fearing that the pool liner or walls were goners.

The rain was still coming down and it was difficult to tell if the water we heard running was from the storm or damage done to the pool. What we knew for sure was that the deck was "dead" along with the metal vacuum pole that I had carefully propped up along the railing a few days before when I finished vacuuming. As it was still thundering and lightening, we decided to head back inside before one of us ended up electrocuted and we would assess the real damage in the day light.

We couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the evening because, for those of you who know us, this is exactly our luck these days. But if we're going to talk about truly being lucky then I have to thank God it happened at 9pm and not in broad daylight because the kids play back there all of the time on their bikes. The basket ball net survived and as it turns out, so did the pool, which appears to have only a minor ding from where the tree and/or the deck collapsed on it before falling into the water.