Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Red Sox fan

This morning, Matthew crawled into bed next to me as he usually does. After I had pushed the limits on our morning "snuggle" I asked him if he wanted to watch cartoons while I took a shower. There are times when he'll decline as he tends to end up playing in the bathroom while he waits for me to finish. But this morning he agreed and so I clicked on the television and proceeded to change the channel to look for Jay-Jay or Jo-Jo or The Wiggles...something.

No sooner had I done this when Matt immediately reprimanded me. "No Mommy! I want to watch Red Sox!"

Well sure enough, when Bill had gone to sleep the night before, he had tuned in to NESN and their morning broadcast was shots from their spring training games down in FL. So good job Daddy - you've created yet another true Red Sox fan in the Baker family!


Dad said...

And you forgot to mention that he already sings the Notre Dame fight song.
Try turning the TV off after 1pm on Saturdys in the fall.

Lisa said...

This is a dangerous combo...the kid loves all things that his Daddy loves: Red Sox, Notre Dame and Bud Light.

God help me!!

Dad said...

That coming from a Philly, Nittany Lion, and Yuengling beer fan.

Thank God he took the right path in life