Friday, April 13, 2007


Easter is always a fun time for the kids. For Megan, she loves to get dressed up in her new Easter dress. For Matt, he loves that the Easter bunny will be bringing more candy!! And for those inquiring minds that really want to know - yes - I did recycle our left over candy and used it for Easter!! Thank you Karen for the plastic egg reminder. How could I have ever forgotten. And no, the kids were none the wiser about this.

I normally end up with some pretty good pictures of the kids, but I have to say, they must be hitting that akward, dorky, Rag-a-muffin look, must pose with a cheesy smile on my face, stage in their lives because I just couldn't seem to get a good one this year. It didn't help that Matt wanted to stand in a Karate Kid like pose and when I told him to put his leg down, he began to cry because he suddenly had to pee and couldn't stand still. this is what you are stuck with this year!!

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