Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Birthday "Baby"

Yesterday was Matt's 3rd birthday and as Bill advised me , he almost didn't make it through the day.

On Wednesday's, Bill works from home and of course Matt is there driving him up the wall all day long. I received a phone call here at work around 10:30am and Bill wanted to know what time Matt was born.

"Wasn't Matt born around 1:30 in the afternoon?" Bill asks.

"No, I went into labor around 2'ish and he was born at 5:30pm." I told him.

"So he won't actually turn 3 until much later today. His odds of making it to that point are growing slim," was Bill's reply.

As it turns out, Matt decided to let the body functions flow yesterday with two accidents in his pants. The third incident took place in the bathroom (yes, he made it there that time) but when Bill came across him, Matt was attempting to clean things up himself, resulting in...well let's just say smears everywhere. (Refer back to an earlier post about his potty training habits and you'll know what I mean.)

Bill also allowed Matt to pick out his own birthday cake this year. Let's just say that this was a pretty ugly cake but Matt thought it was the best thing ever. A green smiley face (for St. Patrick's Day I suppose), black eyes and mouth and red lettering. Not very attractive - but I must admit, rather yummy!

So Matt did indeed make it through his 3rd birthday but bedtime came a little early as he was wound up pretty tight and both Bill and I had about all that we could handle by around 7:45pm. And we'll be doing it all over again on Sunday for his party which will consist of the St. Patrick's Day Parade (think we can convince him it's a parade just for him?) followed by dinner and celebrating (a.k.a. spoiling from Aunt Alicia and Grandma) with the family.
A remote control backhoe - with sounds of course!

A scooter -which says it's for 8 years and up. Ah, who cares, he can ride it better than most 8 year olds!

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