Thursday, January 04, 2007

Holiday Update

The holidays flew by this year. I've made the same observation for the past few years at Halloween, "before you know it Thanksgiving will be here, then Christmas and then the New Year". And every year I'm always surprised by how fast it really does fly by. I remember being a kid and how long a year felt. Waiting for Christmas back then felt like 2 years in today's time.

We always spend Christmas at home in Connecticut. (Santa can't find us if we leave town you know!) And this year was no different. Christmas Eve was spent with the Baker family followed by Christmas day with the Cole's.

After an overly successful evening of opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Christmas Eve, I was beginning to wonder how Santa would ever live up to the array of presents they had just received. The kids and I rushed home to get into their PJ's, sit out milk and cookies for Santa along with the obligatory letter reminding him that they've been good all year (ha), picked out and hung their stockings (we kept them down for fear that the cats would tear into them before then) and placed reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter - glitter helps them fly, did you know?) outside on the back deck. I then reminded them that just because they were getting into bed didn't mean that Santa would come just yet. They had to be ASLEEP for Santa to come.

From there they both made varied comments about Santa getting into the house, putting gifts under the tree and NOT coming into their rooms. Of course being the good parent that I am I reassured them that Santa would not have any reason to go into their rooms and kissed them good night. I then immediately told Bill about this and we decided to have a little fun. Additional stockings were located, stuffed with a few gifts and placed underneath the small trees that they each had on their night stands...

Christmas morning arrives and Megan is the first one up (at 8am!!). She comes into our room and the first thing she says is that Santa put a stocking under her tree and it's NOT the one that she hung the night before. "He went into the closet Mommy and got out the other stockings!! And he came into my room!" Yes, mission accomplished, she was a bit freaked out about that. Of course we then reassured her that it was ok.

At 8:30am we finally caved in and allowed Megan to wake Matt up under the orders that she do so "nicely". It wasn't until later that she confided that when he wouldn't wake up, she made her finger wet and stuck it in his ear - two times! Ah - sibling love is a wonderful thing.

Baby Hugh Heffner - with his morning face

Nothing beats a Barbie doll

Tearing into the gifts (ah - there's the smile we were looking for.)

4 1/2 foot tall Barbie doll house

Jammin' to his new Fisher Price head set

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