Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Baker #3

I went today for the regular ultra-sound on baby #3. (I've had 2 so far, way back at the very beginning due to some "potential" complications which turned out to be nothing. And unfortunately, the baby still looked like a lima bean back then.)

Anyhow, I promised Megan that she could go as a special treat in order to "meet" the baby in Mommy's tummy. I tried to prepare her as best as could because as we all know, if you're not used to looking at those darn things, arms look like legs, umbilical cords look like male genitals in the making, etc.

Last night when we were getting ready for bed Megan asked me if the doctor was going to be taking the baby out of my tummy in the morning. Again, I tried to explain things clearly in order to let her know that the "bun" was not yet done "baking".

So we arrive at the doctors office a few minutes early. Early enough to place a phone call to Daddy in order to portray her excitement and another one to Grammy in PA to do the same before being ushered into the office.

I'm sorry to say that it was a bit of a let down for Megan. I kind of thought it might be but was hoping that it wouldn't. Oh well...not only did she get to take a picture of her new baby brother or sister (no - we did not find out!) but she got to count it's fingers and toes, see them wiggle, watch the heart beat and lots of other things that she may or may not have understood. And the rest of the time, while the technician continued doing the tedious measuring of the limbs and checking out the bladder, heart, brain, kidneys, etc., Megan sat quietly coloring in a Peanuts coloring book that they handed her. She honestly seemed more into that than the baby.

And in two more weeks, I'll get to see the baby for at least one more glance before the end of this pregnancy. The technician could not get a good view of the spine as the baby was laying with it's back against my spine. They also could not find it's right kidney. No worries though...I'm sure it was just the position it was in...and hey - who needs two kidneys now-a-days anyhow?!

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Karla said...

Hi Lisa
Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I so hope you didn't take offense about my comment on the LeakSafe Design thing. I was referring more to the fact that my boobs barely fit in the circumference of the nursing pad because they are so big on me - which strikes me as odd because it's the nipples that leak, not the entire boob - but I guess it didn't come across that way :)