Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Got any sick days to spare?

We've been sick - oh so very sick. It all started back before New Years with regular colds that just never seemed to want to go away over the past few weeks. Then last week Matt started getting wholloped with fevers and we started the vicious cycle of fever vs. Motrin. Bill and I would take the day off from work and wonder why we did as he would play around the house as if nothing were wrong other than the non-stop snot that ran from his poor little nose. Then he'd wake up from his nap with another fever and we'd start all over again.

On Thursday we finally took him to the doctor. As I said to Bill prior to doing so, if I were a stay at home mom we'd be able to let this run it's course and not think twice about it. But it had been going on since Monday night and we were both feeling pretty guilty about skipping out of work all week long. So I sat in the doctor's office, feeling like an idiot while the doctor proclaimed that there was nothing wrong with him, just a strain of cold which carried the fevers with it. However, Amoxicillin was prescribed!!

And then just when we get Matt back on course with a regime of antibiotics, Megan got a fever Friday at the end of school and I had the pleasure of ending the week off with what must have been the worst sinus infection ever along with aches and pains and WAH!! So I slept. From the time I got home on Friday, all day Saturday, and into Sunday morning.

And in his attempt to avoid getting this fantastic sickness, Bill quarantined the 3 of us to one bedroom Saturday night (thanks - I did NOT get a good nights' rest) and he decided to sleep on the couch. I guess sleeping in a separate bedroom was not far enough away - he had to go to a completely different floor!

Needless to say, Bill hasn't been feeling very good for the past 2 days now.

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