Thursday, May 22, 2008

Word Play

A thunder storm rolled through last evening and since Bill was working late I used it as an excuse to get the kids into the shower early telling them that if the electricity went out they'd already be ready for bed.

I finished up some things downstairs while Megan and Matt went upstairs to shower. A few minutes later I went up to round them up and to see if either of them needed help. I toweled Matt off first and sent him into the bedroom to get dressed. Megan followed and as I was helping her brush the tangles from her wet hair we listened to Matt talking in the next room.

"Mommy, what's light chicadee?" he asked.

Megan and I both looked at each other kind of funny as we tried to decipher not only what he was asking but why he was asking it. Unable to figure it out I asked what he meant.

"You said that when it thunders and lightnings that we might not have light chicadee," he replied.

I couldn't help but laugh when I realized he meant "electricity". Maybe my enunciation needs some work...

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