Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on Fat Baby

Robert has got to be the whiniest kid that I've raised so far (God love the child) but when he's happy and smiling it's absolutely the best ever. He's still living up to his nickname(s) of Fat Baby, Fat Boy, Chubbers, and any other tubby nickname we come up with. But even with all that chub, he hauls ass through the house like you wouldn't believe.

He's a major ham for the camera too as you can see from the pictures posted. As soon as he sees the flash light up he's gets a huge smile on his face. He usually crawls towards me at that point and of course ruins a perfectly good shot, but occassionally I can sneak in a few good ones.

Along with that whine usually comes his least favorite situation to be in these days. He constantly pulls himself up on things and plays around for a while but then begins to whine/squeal/fuss/out-right scream because he's petrified to sit down. We've tried showing him how to do it all nice like, but recently I've taken to just plopping him down on his rear end in the hopes that it will prove to him that all that padding down there is going to protect him. So far, no luck.
Yes, I had to help him sit down after this picture was taken.

On the development side of things he still only has two teeth but he'd figure out a way to eat a porter house steak if you'd sit it in front of him. (Marshmallow Peeps not excluded. See below.) The only word in his vocabulary is Da-Da. But Da-Da can mean a lot of things depending on the tone in which he says it. My favorite is when he sounds like he's ticked off about something, with his face all scrunched up and pissy while chanting it.

So while I know I shouldn't be wishing his life away, I honestly can not WAIT until he finally starts walking. Maybe that will eliminate the whine. In the mean time, I'll just enjoy carrying that little bundle of chub around, stealing kisses any time I want and wondering how we managed to have one child with the bluest eyes...

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OMG he is adorable!!!!!!!!!!