Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We've finally gotten motivated enough to sign the kids up for sports this year. Megan decided she wanted to give soccer a try and Matt is in the Pebbles and Bam-Bam T-ball league.

After several rain-outs for both of them, they've both had a few practices and scrimmages too. We've come to the conclusion that Megan will never be the next Mia Ham-Garciaparra but if she actually pays attention she's not too bad. The problem seems to be that the coaches are volunteer parents. They're doing it because their kids are playing too; not because they necessarily want to teach 5 and 6 year olds the ins/outs of soccer. While I would NEVER complain about the things they teach the kids or how they are teaching them, I really wish that they would keep them a little more occupied throughout the hour and a half that they are there. I find that during the many lulls in practice, I go looking for Megan and find her twirling around the field with her friends. Oh well - as Bill said, we just paid $40 for her to socialize a bit more.

Matt isn't much better. And unfortunately it appears that the coaching style there is about the same as on Megan's soccer team. But he's having a blast running the drills. They are teaching them to throw, catch, fielding, running bases and hitting the ball off of the tee. After his first practice I asked Matt if he liked it. He said no because "it was hard work". But we know better by the fact that he always wants to know when it's Saturday so he can go to baseball. And by the way that he takes off for the field when we are there and we have to pry him away at the end.

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