Friday, February 15, 2008

Little girl crushes

While Megan was perusing her Valentine cards last evening, she came across one with the picture of a High School Musical cast member on it. She turned it towards me and said, "Mommy, look."

I asked her what his name was, to which she replied in the most dreamy voice a 5 year old could muster, "Troy". And I swear there was an audible sigh at the end of that statement.

Yep - takes me back to the days of hanging posters on my bedrooms walls with pictures of Ralph Macchio, Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron on them. Could I have picked a geekier group of boys to worship?!


April said...

At 5 I thought Henry Winkler was the best looking guy around.... I even had "The Fonz" socks....

MP said...

Willie Ames..Jason Bateman, Michael J Fox..Parker Stevenson..Oooo there were SO many (I'm older than you)

My 8 year old stepson has a crush on Jamie Lynn Spears..then he sees her on the cover of a tabloid that she was knocked up..great!!

Kimono Karen said...

Kirk Cameron... SWOOOON!