Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Growing up Matthew style

I was tucking Matt into bed the other night and as I usually do, I leaned over his little body and propped myself up on my arm so we could sing our usual bedtime songs and end with fishy kisses. Matt began squirming a little and told me that his side was itching and hurting him. So I pulled his shirt up and decided that we'd put some lotion on it to help.

I grabbed the lotion out of the other room and when I came back into his bedroom he told me that Daddy had forgotten to put it on him after his shower, so we decided to load up all over instead of just that one spot. After putting the lotion on his torso and arms, I pulled his pj bottoms and underwear down to get to his legs and hiney. (Nothing worse than a dry, itchy hiney!) Matt was holding his shirt up and watching me apply the lotion when he informed me that his pee-pee was sticking out. (And just to clarify - not really "sticking out" but it was just there...and in his mind, sticking out.)

"But it doesn't stick out like Daddy's does," he says to me.

"And I don't have feavers like Daddy does eiver."

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MP said...

Oh my...they come up with some things don't they. My step son wanted to show me how he could make is pee pee wiggle...OMG..you want them to be open with you but some times it's just TMI..you know what I mean?