Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

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This year marks the 10th Valentine's Day that Bill and I have celebrated together. We've never been the type to go overboard on the celebrations for this Halmark created holiday but we certainly never let the day go by unnoticed. And today I want to tell him how much I appreciate this.

Our first Valentine's together, back in 1999, was spent at the Melting Pot in Nashville, TN. We followed up the romantic dinner by taking in some blues music around the corner in Printers Alley and then ended it with a horse and carriage ride around town. I also remember that weekend consisting of take-out food, chocolate covered strawberries, and dare I admit it to everyone (oh what the heck), a sexy red outfit from Victoria's Secret of course. It was romantic, our relationship was still only one month 'new', and I remember that fuzzy feeling surrounding me as though nothing and no one else existed.

After I moved to CT, over the next couple of years we went out of our way to go out for dinner at romantic restaurants or we'd stay in for wonderful cooking at home. Bill always made sure to acknowledge the day in some way, shape or form. Even if it was just with a pretty, unassuming bouquet of flowers that he happened to pick up at Stop N Shop on his way home.

The kids have since become a part of our celebration and these days are spent helping them with kitty cat and Spider Man valentine cards. To add to this, while picking up heart lollipops for Megan to share with her class, Bill also made sure that each of the kids had a special card from Mom and Dad and their own little box of chocolate candies.

And yet this morning as I climbed into the car to take Matt and Robert to the sitters, I found a card hidden up on my sun visor. He once again found a quiet way to remind me that I am still his valentine.

Thank you Bill for making sure that although we both agreed long ago to not go crazy on this holiday, you never let it go by unnoticed. And most of all...thank you for loving me...every day.


After posting this I received a call from our receptionist...regarding a delivery... I guess, considering he just blew every word out of the water up there about "unassuming bouquets and quiet reminders" I should add that he still knows how to keep me on my toes.


MP said...

HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!

April said...

Aw, I always knew that in spite of the tough exterior he has a heart of gold.

Lisa said...

He's a good guy - I think I'll keep him around for a little longer.

Kimono Karen said...

Catching up on my reading here! Sounds like you and I got the pick of the litter. I have always told KH not to go wild either with the gifts. I typically try to come up with something sweet like taking an entire bag of hershey's kisses one year, re-writing my own tiny messages, unwrapping and re-wrapping them all with my own messages (this was before they did it themselves). This year I made red velvet cupcakes (and attempted red sprinkles in heart shapes across the icing which didn't turn out as hoped... oh well) and then left a huge heart of cupcakes for him to find when he came home. I did it early because we were actually in China for the day. So his idea of small responses?? First year... the exact roses I used in my wedding bouquet... which have to be special ordered. The fact that he even remembered was enough to earn points for a lifetime. This year? A Dooney & Burke suede and leather purse. Small it ain't. But happy I am. May these husband's of ours never listen to us. :)