Friday, May 04, 2007


Let's start with the oldest...Megan...where do I begin with this one. The melodrama + Mommy's raging hormones = a very bad combination. The crying just never ends and I'm right on the verge of joining her for lack of a better solution at this point. I mean, seriously. Just this morning she asked me if the Father/Daughter dance was this evening, to which I responded that no, it was next Friday. And she proceeded to burst into tears. Give me a break already kid! I've never been into the whole "medicating kids" thing, but if her hormones are this bad at the age of 5 - one of us is going to need to be medicated SOON!!!

Then there's Matt. Matt is testing his limits in the talking back department. Just the other night, after a few hours of putting up with his sass, I warned him that any more of it would warrant a slap on the mouth. Ok, so that was like the equivalent of talking to a brick wall...and yes, I popped him on the mouth and the darn kid wasn't phased. Probably because I didn't do it hard at all. Just enough to get his attention. But it must have worked because the talking back stopped. (Well, it was either the pop on the mouth that fixed it or the fact that he was in bed 15 minutes after that.)

He's also getting beat up by a 2 year old at daycare. A girl, I might add. HA! My babysitter tells me that Catherine is feeling her oats too and has been scratching and pinching Matt. She believes it's because they are the same size so of course he's the most logical target for her. Oh well - he'll survive. But in turn, he's also biting and punching 2 of the older kids. I have to be honest and say that I don't really care about this because, well, they are both 5 years old and if they are letting a 3 year old get the best of them, then they deserve it. But also because these are two of the kids that used to beat up on him all the time about a year ago. Back when he didn't know any better to fight back or walk away. Back when Megan told me that these two kids had ganged up on him, beating him with pillows one day. And when I asked what Matthew did in return, she said nothing. That he just laid on the floor while they hit him. And now I want to cry again...because really - he was just a baby for goodness sake!! And yes, I know he's 3 years old now, but c'mon - the kid is still wearing size 18-24 months!!!

And let's not forget baby #3... With a little over 4 weeks to go, they are pretty sure that the baby is in a head down position (thank God!) and I'm up to 27lbs in total weight gain. Yeah for me!!! But you would never know it by looking at me. This stomach sticks out farther than it did the first two times around...clothes are getting tight...and I'm struggling to avoid the waddle. Yep, don't want to succumb to the pregnant duck waddle!!! So 4 of those pounds were added on in just the past two weeks alone but I've been eating healthy. Lots of fruit (pineapples and strawberries this time around) and plenty of ice. Gotta chew on ice...

*Back off Bill - I may have eaten a quart of strawberries in one sitting - on two separate occassions - but they are STRAWBERRIES!! How much damage could they have done?

**Ok, so the first round had sugar added to them. So what!

***And well, last night's round, I ate with the left-over cool-whip.

****And by left-over, I mean left-over from the strawberry shortcake that I had been eating earlier in the week with another quart of strawberries.

*****It's worth mentioning that the shortcake was prepared with Angel Food cake - and we all know that that's low in fat. Right?

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