Thursday, May 10, 2007

It looks like Grandpa's lips...

Funny and unusual things that the kids say or have said in the past:

Gubble-gum (Matt, referring to bubblegum)

Nuse - pronounced n'yuse (Megan and Matt both said this instead of 'use'. Still trying to break Matt of the habit.)

"I love my Pap-Pap. I pull his pants down." (Matt, after spending a week with Pap-Pap and Grammie here in CT during which time he de-pantsed my Dad whose was wearing his PJ's at the time.)

"Grandpa lives in Kevin with Jesus." (Matt, referring to heaven, not Uncle Kevin)

"Hi Uncle Fat Kid. You swimming like Free Willy?" (Matt's opening line when calling to wish Uncle Kevin a happy birthday who was vacationing in FL.)

"The baby will come out of your mouth." (Megan, after catching an accidental glimpse of a c-section on TV and thinking that the incision she saw was someone's mouth.)

"It looks like Grandpa's lips when he was in that bed." (Megan, after looking at my belly button which appears to have a protruding "upper lip". She was referring to Grandpa's lips when she saw him in the casket. And yes, the kids all said it looked like he was getting ready to spit.)

Caterputter and hepicopter (A very young Bryan, referring to caterpillars and helicopters - according to Daddy)

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