Monday, May 21, 2007

Father/Daughter Dance

Where do I begin? I've definitely fallen behind this past week and at this point I need to catch up on a couple of events. The first one is the Father/Daughter dance which took place on 5/11 (told you I'm behind) and was pretty much the event of the school year for Megan. She had been looking forward to it for some time and knew exactly where it fell on the calendar she marks off.

A few days prior, we decided to try on some dresses that she had in her closet. Of course the one that she loved the most was the one that both Bill and I liked the least. So the very next day we headed out to Marshalls to find a bargain dress. And what a bargain it turned out to be! $12.99 later we headed home with the pink dress that she fell in love with.

The next day...Bill calls to tell me that it is torn, which probably explains why the bow was tied around the front of the dress and not the back (I'm brilliant about noticing those smaller details - ha). So off I go to another Marshalls close to work. And what do I find? The same dress for $11.00!!! (Do you think we'll be able to get away with paying $11.00 for a prom dress in another 10 years?)

So it turned out to be a successful 'mini-prom' night and Megan was ecstatic to have a date with her Daddy. Here are the pics from that evening...

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