Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby #3 Update

I've been quietly holding my breath and saying little prayers that all early indications for the wee-one still in utero will wind up being healthy and it appears that I can finally exhale a bit. After numerous visits to Yale for follow-up ultra-sounds, I was given the ok yesterday that this baby should be as normal as possible. Well, at least as normal as a baby with one kidney can be. least as normal as a Baker baby with one kidney can be. Because even with both of it's kidneys, it still would have a tough time being "normal" in this family!!

At last months check-up, the remaining kidney was normal in size, but as of yesterday, it had grown a bit more and is now slightly larger than the average sized kidney. And that's a good thing. This will help compensate for the missing one.

Also during my last check-up, the doctor "scanned" me rather quickly to see if I had both of my kidneys, which I do. They wanted to rule out heredity as a cause for this. But because Daddy was not readily available for a quick scan as well, this months check-up included extensive coverage of the heart. Evidently if this was NOT a hereditary issue, the heart could indicate a much larger problem at hand. After viewing the heart from every angle, listening and recording every little beat and watching the blood flow in/out of every ventricle and aorta, baby was given a clean bill of health.

And because the doctor informed me that the diagnosis was "medically conclusive", yesterday was the last chance I got to see my little one before the big day. (Barring anything freaky between now and then of course.) "It" is slightly over 4 lbs. (give or take a 15% margin of error), has a fuzzy head of hair which I have a picture of and since last month has decided to flip flop into a breech position - butt down in a "V". So c'mon baby - do some more flip floppin' into the right position over the next few weeks, because Mommy won't have a kid who won't cooperative before they even exit the womb!!

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