Monday, February 26, 2007

Where has that finger been?

Some of you may have heard the story from a couple of months ago when Matt decided to put one of our cats into the toilet. Yeah, I know, it was pretty darn funny and Gipper handled it quite well, all things considered. But the biggest obstacle back then was keeping Matt from doing it again or taking it a step further by attempting to flush him as well. We were succesful in restraining him as Gipper has not seen the inside of our toilet bowl since that day.

However, Matt decided to "investigate" something else entirely different last evening...

As we were winding down the evening and getting the kids ready for bed with their milk and cookies, Bill plopped down on the floor in front of the love seat. Matt wandered over towards him and Gipper followed, jumping up on the seat cushion. I glanced over at them and did a quick double take as I noticed Matt was very intently viewing Gipper's rear end which was right at eye level. Unfortunately, not only was he looking, he was um, should I say, poking and prodding the poor cats nether-regions.

As I hollered over at him, Bill looked up and pulled Matt away from the cat and onto his lap. With both of us reprimanding him to leave the kitty alone and not touch their "hineys", Matt popped that finger right into his mouth.

Now I can only assume based upon the "non-reaction" from the cat, that there was no penetration involved. However...I will say that my gag reflex kicked in at that moment.

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