Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our one kidney kid

Well - it's official, baby #3 has only 1 kidney. And so far, the other kidney remains in good working condition. It's amazing to me that a human being can be lacking a vital body part without any major repercussions. But so far, that seems to be the case here.

However, the doctors at Yale will continue to monitor the baby throughout the rest of the pregnancy to ensure that the remaining kidney continues to function well. After the birth, we'll be referred to a pediatric urologist for further testing (got to make sure that the kid can pee without any complications!) but other than that, odds are the little one will grow up strong and healthy.

On a seperate but related note - although we do not want to know and will not find out ahead of time, all signs have been pointing to this being a boy. Here's the list of reasons so far:
  1. The ultra sound technician referred to it as a "he" last week. Could be just a reflex thing as she has 3 boys of her own, but...
  2. We've been having a hard time settling on a boy's name. Girl's problem. We had the same problem with Megan and Matthew and both times the baby ended up being the sex of the one we were struggling with, name wise. (Ok, not exactly scientific, I know.)
  3. According to my google search on babies born with one kidney, the majority of the time this occurs in males.
  4. Just recently found out that my cousin's husband was born with 1 kidney - obviously he's of the male persuasion.
  5. Mom had a dream that she was babysitting for us and it was a boy.
  6. And on a more spiritual note - it seems as though when God takes someone away, they are replaced just before or after their death by a new baby in the family. After the passing of my Father-in-law, can we now expect a boy?


Anonymous said...

I am 43 years old and today I just found out I have 1 kidney. I was dx with breast cancer and had to have a ad scan done. Today my doctor told me. I have been a very heathy person living with 1 kidney and didn't even know it!!

Anonymous said...

Same here! I'm 24 years old and recently had to be hospitalized for food poisoning and a UTI. They took a CAT scan of the lower half of my body just to make sure that I didn't have appendicitis, and found out I only have one kidney!

I have been strong and healthy for 24 years, and even played soccer for about 10 years, though I think that's not recommended.

fawcett_jeff said...

I am 41 and just found out I have only one kidney . After 4 hours of stomach cramps , I had my wife take me to the emergency room . After all my tests ( blood , urine xrays) came back negative the Dr. was going to send me home . I insisted that something was not right . After the CT scan I found out that I had appendicitis and one kidney .Made out for a great Thanksgiving .