Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Friday, November 10th was Bill's 42nd birthday. And as always, I waited until the last minute to purchase a gift for him. Well, let me rephrase that. I had a gift in mind, which I told him about and he promptly shot down. (I guess a leaf sweeper wasn't high on his list of great ideas.) So instead he got a new pair of jeans and a shirt from Gap. Original huh?!

Along with that fantastic present, the kids and I decided to take him out to dinner. Of course it had to be child friendly so we naively headed out to The Rainforest Cafe at 6pm on Friday. To which we were told upon our arrival that the wait was an hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF! Who the hell waits that long to eat at The Rainforest Cafe? Sure the ambiance is fun. Where else can you eat with gorillas all around and a thunder storm every 30 minutes? But to wait that long? Never - not me - sorry kids, you'll get over it. Life is all about disappointments and you might as well get used to it now. (Anybody putting me up for the best mom ever award?)

What was I talking about? Oh right, Daddy's fantastic birthday evening out. So from there we decided to hit the candy store and of course, who can leave the mall without spending far too much money on another unnecessary Build-A-Bear? Evidently, not us as we came home with 2 more animals bringing our total count to 7. (We did manage to forgo outfits for them though, seeing that we are so close to Christmas and "you never know what Santa might bring".)

And for dinner? Drum roll please............................CHILI'S!

(Oh how life changes after kids come along. And let me add - by the time we finished at the mall, got back into the car, checked the wait time at another restaurant and then ended up at Chili's further down the road, we could have already been seated and eating at The Rainforest Cafe! Damn I make good decisions!)

But thanks to Aunt Alicia and Jackie, Bill ended up with one kick-ass tacky cake. LOVED IT!!

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Kimono Karen said...

Look at you go with this blogging stuff! Looks great!

Thanks for the gross visuals on potty training. Yet another reason why I waited so long to get married and still can't get around the corner and on to kids.

And happy birthday Bill! Hope Chili's was everything you hoped for. :)