Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's obviously here to stay

I thought that I was past the irrational worry that comes with being a parent. The kind of worry that you know is ridiculous but with all signs pointing toward the outlandish, you just sort of give in to the craziness of your thoughts and begin to wonder if it could perhaps be true. That maybe the good luck of having three healthy kids has finally ended and this is where the bad begins. Because I couldn't actually be lucky enough to make it through raising these kids this far with only one unexpected hospital stay, right?

But the other morning when Matt told me his head was still hurting him, I realized that those irrational thoughts haven't and probably never will go away. Daddy had given him some ibuprofen the night before when he complained that his head was hurting. So when I asked him where it hurt and was able to rule out a sinus issue (I had woken with a sinus headache myself, so I thought that maybe he had the same) by where he pointed to the pain, I then took a closer look. There was a huge "egg" on his forehead above his left eye and there was no visible bruising to go along with a dinger of that size.

I asked him if he hit his head and how the bump got there but he could not recall any particular event. So I continued asking him throughout the morning and still nothing. That's when the irrational thoughts came to my head... No, I won't go into detail so let's just stick with the description of irrational. Make that extremely irrational.

By the end of the day, he finally mentioned that he hit his head on the wall when he was in the basement with Pap-Pap. And it wasn't until he came up with that story (I say story because we still don't know if it's true or not) that I stopped all the crazy worrying.

I knew that I would always be concerned about my kids even after they grow up and move out of the house but I never thought that the concern could always overlap into the crazy at any given moment! I'll be more prepared the next time.

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