Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Halloween was spent with our neighbors where we ate, DRANK (Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, oh my!), and were merry (probably because of the aforementioned vodka). Of course the kids enjoyed the candy that they collected and there is so much left over that I'm already tired of looking at the bin that it's sitting in.

This year Megan was a Devil, Matt went as a Harley Biker and Robert was a bat. They were all excited about their costumes (except Robert who absolutely hated having the hood up on his costume and frankly could care less about dressing up..."just keep shoveling candy in my mouth!") and Halloween has quickly become one of my more favorite holidays. It's less expensive than Christmas and yet there's plenty of loot and lots of fun to have. I'm sure that will change when the kids outgrow this but for now I'm planning on enjoying this for a few more years.


Anonymous said...

What!!! Bill didn't dress up. I look forward to seeing everyone in there costumes. Or was he....

love, T

Anonymous said...

I tried to get the kids to go as the Wizard of Oz characters. If so we would have gotten Dad in costume.
They refused. I got off easy.
We had the right number of people. The next door neighbor has Toto.
And Lisa would have made a great Wicked Witch (only kidding honey).

Lisa said...

I didn't realize that a jack ass was one of the Wizard of Oz characters.