Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, should I?

Should I care that my 6 year old came home from school yesterday proclaiming that all the kids played "choke the chicken's neck" in gym class? (The game consisted of rubber chickens and ringing their necks while passing it on to the next kid in line. And no, I don't know what physical benefit they may have gotten from this activity.)

Is it wrong that I laughed like crazy and thought about how I couldn't wait for her to tell Daddy about this when he got home? Is it wrong that I'm not at all offended by this in any way?

Hey, the kids absolutely love the gym teacher there and if this is his way of having a little fun at their expense without them even knowing it, then have at it. Maybe I take no offense to this because it would appear that he has the same twisted sense of humor as we do.

But I wonder what after school conversations consisted of in the homes of the other kids in her class. I guarantee that there are some frigid individuals out there who wouldn't see the humor in it. (Probably the same parent that I observe every day speaking to their children with a very "childish" voice .) Because, GASP, this is Catholic school after all and we shouldn't be speaking of such vulgarities in the presence of children!!

Hhhhmmmm...I guess I'm not a very good Catholic then, am I? But then again, I already knew that.


Anonymous said...

I want to play. Why didn't we ever get to play that game? I'll pray for you. he,he

love you T

April said...

Picturing Meg relay this story to Bill has definitely made it into my top ten funniest things I have ever heard....