Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Off on a new adventure!

Last night was spent packing book bags and lunch boxes for two kids, making sure that I wasn't forgetting any last minute items for either one of them (note to self: create some sort of bulletin board in the kitchen because the fridge just isn't going to cut it now with multiple kids in school) and laying out school outfits as well. Although Megan wears a uniform to school, the pre-k students are exempt from this so I was under strict instructions from Matt not to pick out anything "dumb" for him.

Matt was his usual goofy self and didn't show any out of the norm signs of excitement or anticipation for his first day. He played around as usual, climbing the walls (literally) and fell asleep quickly when we tucked him into bed around 7:45pm.

He awoke in the morning with smiles and went through our new morning routine as though this was the same thing he did every day and still there were no signs of Matt not being himself. When we prepared to walk out the door, I of course wanted to snap a few pictures of his first day, so out onto the deck we went. A few quick shots later and we were on our way to school.

His backpack was filled with the last minute items that he would need for the year, like a blanket for rest time, his art smock, a change of clothes, folders, etc. so I was not able to fit his lunch box in the bag too. I offered to carry it for him but was quickly told, "no, it's my lunch box so I'll carry it." We walked up to the school and because they stagger the pre-k arrival time from the regular students, we kissed Megan goodbye and she took off for her day as we hung outside to wait a few minutes before we headed down to his classroom.

When it was time to head in, again he grabbed both of his bags and took off for his classroom. He's definitely a determined little boy and I held back the urge to offer help again even though it looked like he was going to topple down the stairs with his little load.

Matt is used to this routine because he has the same teacher and is in the same classroom that Megan was in two years ago. He's walked this route before and is definitely comfortable in this new big kid role.

We walked through the door to his classroom and I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as I took in all of the excited kids and apprehensive parents standing nearby. (I'm a huge sap - thanks Mom - and cry at the drop of a hat but managed to contain this one. After all, I'm not a first timer here and I still have one more to go. Save it for the really sappy moments!)

Matt found a cubby to put his things in for the day and immediately started playing. I hung out off to the side for a few minutes and then asked Matt if he wanted Robert and I to beat it. Of course he said yes, so after I kissed him goodbye, told him I'd meet him up in the lobby after school, I scooped up Robert and we headed out.

Have you noticed the new "tight lipped, closed mouth smile" kind of thing happening here...
Note to Robert: Go right on ahead and get comfortable in a classroom setting too buddy. Certainly make it easier for yourself to break away from Mommy in a few years. But I guarantee you that no matter how content you are when that time comes, I'm sure to be a babbling fool.

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