Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Loose teeth and boyfriends

Megan lost her first tooth a little over a week ago at Grandma's house and no one even knew it was loose to begin with. Apparently she was eating a lollipop at the time which got stuck on her teeth and as she was prying it loose discovered a missing tooth. She stuck out her tongue to show Grandma and there it was. Sitting right on the tip of her tongue.

Amazingly, our drama queen handled this with flying colors and is now the proud owner of not only one little gap in her bottom front teeth but also, as of last evening, a second loose tooth right beside that one. She has been wiggling it like crazy in anticipation of another visit from the tooth fairy.

She also proceeded to tell me last evening that she has a boyfriend. Ricky, is his name and she says that she likes him because they went to pre-k together, they talk all the time and because he wears a cute hat. (All very legitimate reasons to have a boyfriend these days.)

In trying to understand how my little kindergartener thinks when it comes to this little boy, I inquired about how they "became" boyfriend and girlfriend. She said that while talking to him yesterday he said to her that she was his girlfriend. So I asked how she responded and she replied, "I said, well I guess that means you're my boyfriend then."

So there you have it. Nice and easy. No passing notes like we used to do in elementary school stating, "I like you. Do you like me? Will you go with me? Yes or No. Please circle one." (And by the way, where did the phrase "go with me" or "going out" come from? Where did we think we were "going" back then? To the lunch room? Maybe to the playground?)

Oh, and about that cute hat that Ricky evidently sports to school every's brown and white with a little brim on the front like a baseball cap, but it's not a baseball cap, it's a different kind of hat. And it's cute, as in cool cute, not baby cute, so let's just make that clear right now.


dad said...

There will be no boyfriends until I am old and senile. I don't care if he has a cute hat, and the date is at the swingset.
I was a 5 year old boy once and I liked playing doctor and house too.
I should have had 4 boys.

Lisa said...

Too're already old and well past senile!

April said...

Leave it to your little fashionista to pick the boyfriend wearing the Newsboy Cap now popular again by Brad Pitt. Bill is not going to hear the end of this one.

Kristen said...

You guys need to plan like Jeff...He is building a bunker in the backyard for Sami to live in until she is at least 30 years old. He wanted it to be till she was 60 but I put my foot down!!! And good luck, I am not there yet!! LOL

Lisa said...

April - this is KILLING Bill. Better yet, ask him about the boyfriend who's in 8th grade. (She likes the older men, just like Mom!)

Oh and Kristen, for future dates, Bill is planning on planting older and much bigger brother Bryan on the front steps while he sits inside cleaning his gun. (Never mind that we don't own a gun. This is Bill's little fantasy world.)