Monday, January 28, 2008

Everything AND the kitchen sink

It's been a long couple of weeks, making the most boring part of winter feel even longer, darker and colder than usual. And although February is right around the corner, with the corner being this Friday, I sometimes feel like the months of January, February and March will go on and on forever.

We began the year with an emergency trip to the hospital which turned into an overnight stay. Along with an ear infection and bronchiolitis, Robert managed to pick up RSV and the next 10 days were filled with steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments. Although I began to honestly believe that I would never see him as a healthy, happy, smiling child again, we actually reached the light at the end of the tunnel and this is what we ended up with:

Of course, that lasted for all of a week and half and we are now back to snot encrusted noses, difficulty sleeping at night due to some major stuffiness and a lot of whine. (Not the good kind of wine...) Oh my, the whine that comes out of this child. I don't know if non-stop crying would be
easier to listen to but when you're stuck with this noise - well it's just far too difficult to describe.

See the shine above that paci? The return of the SNOT!!

On Friday, I walked into the school extension program and found Megan with a bright pink cheek and nice little ding under her left eye. One of the boys was throwing something in the trash and evidently Megan's face happened to get in the way. She says he was throwing out some pasta but I've never known rotini's to be quite so dangerous before. So who knows what the real story is...none-the-less, she ended up with her first black eye.

Kind of difficult to see in this picture but honest, Ronzoni left his mark

And then there's Matt...always Matt. The kid who is forever entertaining us with his crazy and sometimes questionable antics. Here he is sitting in Robert's Bumbo chair and looking like he'll prove us right after all about riding on the short bus someday!

Lounge lizards

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Kristen said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. And I totally understand the "whine". It feels like someone rips your heart out and stomps on it. I got tears in my eyes for the little guy!