Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sneak preview

Because you've harrassed me unmercifully about pictures, I broke down and gave in last night. (No, I'm not mentioning any names. cough Aunt Alicia cough) I delayed this poor child's bath and bottle in order to charge my camera and give you what you want. (Do you feel guilty yet?)

And then I thought...why give in so easily? Make her wait for it! No full facial shots and no complete body shots. You'll get to view him and all of his glorious chubbiness in person on Sunday. So here you go...


Baby toes - YUM!

More rolls than an italian bakery, as the saying goes (Cankles...see?)

1 comment:

Kristen M said...

Hey what about the rest of us. I want pictures too! (Maybe I don't because those cute toes made me miss them way too much!)