Friday, May 08, 2009

Day and Night

Gipper brought a "treat" to our back door last night in the form of a bird. Of course the kids were completely enthralled by the goriness caused by the cat. I, on the other hand, stood back and laughed as Bill quickly tried to remove the carcass from our door step before the kids ended up needing therapy from seeing all the blood and gore up close. (Ok, there really wasn't any blood, just a shit load of feathers everywhere.) The cat had other ideas such as grabbing his loot and running off while Bill chased him from one end of the deck to the other and then down into the yard...all while cursing the animal.

This morning, the kids were checking out the remainder of the feathers left behind on the door mat when Matt asked me what kind of bird it was. Now I could be wrong (never - would be a first) but I told him it was Mourning Dove. To which he replied, "or maybe a Night Time Dove"!

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