Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday was Grandpa's birthday and it has been two years since he passed away. With the weather having been relatively crappy (in a snowy way) we've been unable to make it up to the cemetery for quite a while. However, the past couple of days have warmed up a bit and so the kids and I decided to surprise Daddy with a visit to Grandpa's grave last evening.

Prior to heading out, they had made a Happy Birthday sign to place by his headstone and we decided to stop at the grocery store for some cupcakes to "share" with him as well. We didn't tell Daddy where we were heading but of course in my 3 minute absence to purchase the cupcakes, Bill managed to get Matt to spill the beans.

Once there, the kids hopped out of the van, still in their school clothes and wearing snow boots, and pranced around the cemetery while Bill and I did our best to secure the sign that they had made to one of the flags that was implanted in the frozen ground.

We lit up a single cupcake and sang happy birthday and while the kids enhaled theirs they decided to leave one behind for Grandpa to enjoy as well. As I placed that cupcake on the bottom ledge of his headstone I couldn't help but smile at what he might be thinking as he watched his three grandkids enjoying this moment.

Robert may never have a single memory of his Grandpa Baker nor remember the "crazy evening in the cemetery" but I know that Megan and Matt will remember it for a long time to come.


John Lepper said...

awesome idea Lis! Too bad all the younger grandkids wont have as many memories as Brian, myself and Kyrstyna will have.. We all loved him and i really cant believe its been 2 years...God, where did time go?

ps- ive been stalking your blog since we became friends on facebook =)

Lisa said...

It has flown by, hasn't it? We all miss him like crazy though. BTW, stalk away - just be sure to come out occassionaly to say hi! It drives me crazy when no one comments because it feels like I'm doing this for no reason then. And the whole idea was to keep friends/family up to date. Plus it will be nice, when the kids get older, for them to look back on some of these entries.