Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to school

Megan headed off to school yesterday for her first day as a "big kid" in first grade. All summer long she had been talking about this venture into a new grade always adding that this was the year that she would have homework. As someone who did not enjoy school until my high school years I've been hoping to help my kids have a different experience than I did at that age. I don't know if it's something that I can ward off or if some kids are just bound to dislike school but if I can help it be a positive thing, I will. So I've been re-focusing her on the positives as they come along. Of those positives, she gets to sit at a real desk this year instead of sharing a table with the other kids. She also gets to walk in/out of the building on her own instead of being escorted by a teacher/helper. (It doesn't seem like much but so far these little things seem to be working.)

She was slightly disappointed the other week when she found out that she wasn't getting the teacher that she had wanted. Her main reason behind wanting that particular teacher was simply because she had spent time with her in previous years in the after school program. However, after meeting Mrs. Lupo the other day she definitely seemed more at ease with heading in for her first day.

When I tucked her into bed last night and she told me that she "couldn't wait to go to school tomorrow" and that she loves being in first grade. I guess growing up and being a big kid isn't such a bad thing after all.


Carrie Fitz said...

What a big girl! I wish my daughter were still allowed to wear a jumper (she's a middle schooler and it's no longer dress code). So cute!! I'll bet 1st grade will be a blast.

Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVE uniforms! Especially when it comes to picky and tempermental kids like Megan. Without uniforms, I can't even begin to imagine what my evenings/mornings would be like as we would attempt to pick out clothes for the day...definitely a nightmare! Yep, this is one of those nice benefits of going to catholic school which will carry through to high school too!