Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hot Date With Daddy

Megan and Bill had their annual date to the Father/Daughter dance this past Friday. Once again I got away with buying a new dress for her at the bargain price of $10.00!! (Two years running...can I make it to her prom at those prices?)

The most important part for Megan was her request for straight hair. So off we went to buy a flat iron...

While Matt and I shared a quiet Mommy and boys night at home with chinese food, Dad and Megan danced the night away. Ok, so Megan ran around with her friends, but I was told that they shared two dances. That's better than nothing, right?


Anonymous said...

wow, she is already turning into a young lady.

love, T

alisha said...

I love reading what you put on here!!

Anonymous said...