Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You're still here?

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, well I wouldn't be rich, but it sure as hell feels like I would be.

But yes, I'm still here...sitting at work...willing my cervix to dilate...wishing for painful contractions... Anything at this point would be better than where I am now. The worst part of it all is not that I'm uncomfortable and miserable physically. I'm just emotionally "pissed off" and impatient. I'm only 1 day past my due date and yet it feels like an eternity. Most likely because Mom and Dad made it up here early this time and now they are sitting and waiting......and waiting..........and waiting........and I can't do anything to control this or speed things up.

So with every little twinge, cramp and braxton hicks contraction that comes across my body, a little part of me gets excited that perhaps "this is it"! And then as it passes and fails to return within that nice little 10-15 minute time frame that contractions begin to fall into, I grow a bit more insane.

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